KD Stormwater Pty.Ltd. ACN 605 367 548

We are specialized in stormwater drainage design and flood modelling.[spacer height=”10px”] We offer professional and quality services for

– Flood Study[spacer height=”10px”]- Flood mapping [spacer height=”10px”] -On-Site-Detention (OSD) design [spacer height=”10px”]- Pipe nework with Hydraulic Grade Line (HGL)[spacer height=”10px”]- Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

We use advanced  modelling software packages including :

– TUFLOW (2D/1D) for flood modelling[spacer height=”10px”]- HECRAS (1D) for flood  modelling[spacer height=”10px”]-DRAINS for Hydrological & Hydraulic modelling of OSD and pipe network[spacer height=”10px”]- MUSIC for modelling Stormwater quality (WSUD)[spacer height=”10px”]- RORB for Hydrology of large rural catchments.