Why a floodstudy is needed?

- To ensure the proposed development does not cause negative flood impacts to the neighbouring properties.- To protect residents in the development from flood risk and flood hazard.- To produce flood maps for strategic planning by local authorities.

What software we use for modelling flooding?

- TUFLOW , Two-dimensional Unsteady FLOW, is an advanced  and well recognized software package for  modeling 2D (two dimensional ) overland flow and 1D  culvert/channel flow. It has capacity to reflect dynamic interaction between surface flow and piped flow. - HECRAS is well-known software for modelling flow for open channels, creeks, culverts. It is published by American Army Corps of Engineers.- QGIS is a powerful open-source GIS program for creating maps of flood hazard, flood level, flood depth, etc.

PRE-DEVELOPMENT FLOODING                                                                 POST-DEVELOPMENT FLOODING

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